Paint Soup 3: We Need Bread This Time

The second installation in the Paint Soup series ended up on KGW News Channel 8 & in the Willamette Week's top 5 Portland Albums of 2017. Limited edition cassette tapes are available on bandcamp!

Paint Soup is a Portland hip hop group getting attention with their single Macrosoft Windose. The track is off their new album "Paint Soup 3, We Need Bread this Time." We sat down with them to talk about the album, their music, and the hip hop scene in Po "Macrosoft Windose" The first single by Paint Soup off their upcoming album, "Paint Soup 3" coming August 4, 2017 via Time Travel 444. Shot/Directed/Edited by Noah Porter Vocals by Grape God + Slick Devious Produced by Skelli Skel + Grape God Special thanks to Dan O. for whipping the Buick so beautifully. "Broadband Breadbowl" The second single by Paint Soup off their album, "Paint Soup 3" via Time Travel 444. Directed/Edited by Noah Porter Director of Photography : Scott Uyeda Vocals by Old Grape God + Slick Devious Produced by Dan O.