Calmanac [EP] w/ Dropping Gems

by Old Grape God

Released 6/4/16 via Dropping Gems :

Calmanac [EP]

Old Grape God collaborated with producers from Dropping Gems as well as Skelli Skel to create this EP. Intentionally dropping right before the first big heat wave of PDX summer 2016, Calmanac lands as the 9th Grape God release in 3 years and 3 months, as well as the 3 year anniversary to the first full-length release, A.G.E. (There are currently 3 bars of the special edition A.G.E. bar soap made by Maak Lab, left in the world.)

Track 1, Seasonal Tronfession, was recorded and produced by Hobbess, half of Ghost Feet. It was the first track recorded for the project and inspired the subsequent songs.

Track 2, Do 4 U, was produced by Philip Grass, with a bassline provided by EmVKush of the PDX Mandem

Track 3, Jump the Fence, was produced by DJAO. This is the only track where the working title became the final title.

Track 4, Disintegrate, is produced by Skelli Skel. He also mixed/mastered the project and recorded tracks 2-6. 

Track 5, Wind, Fire & Urth, is produced by QLOQ, the other half of Ghost Feet. 


The album art is designed by Tron 444, and uses a photograph taken by Anthony Taylor


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