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Now available on Amazon in either paperback or Kindle: 24 pages of poems, lyrics, and drawings from my sketchbook.

I always intended for my writing to be read in my own handwriting, as I think it is expressive beyond the words. 

I hope you draw all over it, color in/out of the lines, finish my sentences, write rebuttals, or just roll your weed on it.


Original drawings and unreleased lyrics


Four forty four!

Thanks for visiting the official website of Old Grape God / Tron 444.

I am a multimedia artist based in Portland, Oregon. I tend to create abstract and surreal work, with an emphasis and stream-of-consciousness and experimentation.

Most artist statements are complete bullshit.

Abstraction feels like zooming in on the irrelevant. I'm an irrelevant artist. I'm just doing this until I can get my time machine running again. 

Most artist statements are complete bullshit.

I'd rather not sign my work. I want it to exist as is.

Most artist statements are complete bullshit.

I got more ideas than excuses not to execute them, I think better when my head's on the chopping block. I paint better when I'm waiting for four more to dry and I'm just killing time. I feel fine when the lines are clean and it makes sense at each 90/360. I find myself romanticizing the chaos. I'm fine.

Most artist statements are complete bullshit



tron 444



For any questions/comments/concerns : tron@grape-god.com

If you know Jay Z, tell him to hit me up.

Your support is greatly appreciated.



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